Vitamine A

Voir de l’extérieur, voir à l’intérieur, Les limites de la perception humaine, Ikse Maître (vidéo en Français)

Depuis la première photographie par rayons X en 1895, l’échographie, l’imagerie nucléaire, l’imagerie par résonance magnétique, l’imagerie optique ou encore, plus récemment, la magnétoencéphalographie et l’électroencéphalographie franchissent quotidiennement la barrière de notre peau. Toutes ces techniques d’imagerie médicale découvrent ce qui se passe à l’intérieur de notre corps et peuvent suivre en direct le […]

Art as Part of My Life For as Far Back as I Can Remember, Kati Riikonen, 2017

Interview with Kati Riikonen, Helsinki, 2017 1) What are the influences of being an art teacher to your career as a contemporary artist? I believe that teaching fine arts has affected my own learning processes and artistic work. Innumerable times it has happened so that in a dialogical teaching situation […]

From Heaven to Hell, David Lachapelle

The baroque vision of David Lachapelle gives me the impression of a déjà-vu. I’ve been there, I’ve done that… It’s like feeling and reviewing sensations that are very known by me and my body, leading me to a known, but always mysterious world of life and death, ¨heaven to hell¨. Suddenly […]

Marcos Garrot, Geometrical and Constructive (born 1965)

“… The work of Marcos Garrot assures him a significant place among the Brazilian constructivists, which constitute one of the most solid and competent groups of the country creators.” Enock Sacramento   RF – What is the role of the color in your work? MG – The color is used […]