Vitamine A

Natureza Viva – Lucia Adverse

…”Ode? Pure observation or just coincidental comparisons? After the first exercise the process that had begun as a game became impulsive, detailed and meticulous, throwing the artist into a frolic of observation of all that occurs around her and getting her carried away by the stories of the protagonists, making […]

Marcelo Solá : Drawing on Paper

We are honored to expose in our Parisian gallery, artworks by artist Marcelo Solá, in which the forms, the colors and the symbols start a pictorial debate which determines the space of everyone, incisively. Through his drawings, he offers us a brutal but lucid and playful interpretation that puts into […]


Animals are endless source of inspiration and love, they are the balance between humankind and the ecosystem and deserve our respect and our preservation. Defending animals through art expression, sometimes figurative, sometimes abstract allow us to get closer to them and to propose a constant debate between mankind and nature. […]

Un marchand / Un artiste

One dealer, one artist: it is all it takes to write a long and nice trajectory in History…                                                               Click here […]


We are happy to present you our selection of exclusive drawings and paintings by Brazilian artist André Mendes. These exquisite artworks are preparatory pieces created before his solo show in Paris in June 2018, now available for art collectors:   Drawings André Mendes Selection 2018           […]


Leopoldo Martins Sculpture Biennale of Shanghai – JISP 2018 (English) Leopoldo Martins Bienal de Esculturas de Xangai – JISP 2018 (Português) The work of the artist Leopoldo Martins (1961), entitled Musas, proposes a dialogue between the two universes, that is, the objectivity and subjectivity of beauty, where technique and philosophy […]