A Good Salad with Lacroix at Cognac-Jay

When I first got to Cognac-Jay Museum in Paris, I found it awkward that curator Christian Lacroix has chosen to mix his scenography of XVIII Century with Contemporary Art in a very aggressive way. Firstly I found it a bit of a salad with artworks and frames touching each other, without any distance between them. Something that can really bother us at first sight, then intrigue us in longer reflections.

So, I decided to relax and reflect longer from the second room on.

I suddenly felt Lacroix was proposing a dialog between different times, using a different concept. He transformed all artwork sets in installations. Past and present seen side by side and discussed as a unique and infinite line. Something quite uncomfortable at the beginning, until we finally feel all the connection of our past and present life in a unique and truly life line as well.

Cristhian Lacroix mixed art, collectionism, fashion and theater in such a different way… hummm… I really, really, really loved this French salad… C’est délicieuse!!!